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MILHARMER Associates, Inc.

Recent Projects

Recent and Completed Projects

South Shore Hospital

South Shore Hospital Cancer Center
South Weymouth MA
Architect: TRO Jung/Brannen
Engineer: TRO Jung/Brannen
Our Client: RDK Engineering
MAI provided full air and water
balancing and assisted in commissioning
services provided by RDK Engineerings.
Value: $99,000.00 


MIT Sloan, Building E62
Cambridge, MA
Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell
Engineer : VanZelm
CM/GC: Bond Brothers
Our Client: J.C.Higgins
MAI provided full air and water balancing.
Value: $150,000.00

Newton North High School

Newton North High School
Newton, MA
Architect: Dore & Whittier
Engineer: R.G. Vanderweil
Our Client: N.B. Kennedy
MAI provided full air and water
the commisionging of the project.
balancing and assisted with
CM/GC: Dimeo Construction
Value: $270,000.00


Other Projects

Colleges and Schools: Hospitals: Businesses:
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    -UMass Darthmouth     -Charlton Hospital     -Food Should Taste Good
    -Babson College     -South Shore Hospital     -Cardi's Furniture
    -Harvard University     -Women and Infants     -Borders Books
    -Ridge & Latin School       Hospital
    -Brown University
    -Emerson College